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Green Screen Open Photo Booth

What if you could have photo booth style photos with a choice of backgrounds using green screen? Well now you can! Button It Up has created a whole new world of photo booth style photography using the green screen so guests can select their own background for their photo booth style photo. In addition, guests don't have the same limits of how many people can be in one of the photo booth photos. In the Button It Up open green screen photo booth, many people can be in one photo booth photo. As with a regular photo booth photo, guests strike three different poses for their photo strips.

However, because a person is actually taking the photos each pose looks great.  With a traditional photo booth guests may not always be looking at the booth camera at the instant the booth camera snaps one of the poses.  The result is all of your photo booth poses will be excellent quality.

Guests receive photo strips. but even better, Button It Up's green screen photo booth photos allows printing of as many photo strips as needed for each person in a photo strip.  

Give Button It Up a call to book and learn more about this different and fun photo op!

Using green screen allows you to selcct a variety of borders for your photo booth strips! Button It Up can also customize your strip to be any color to go along with your theme. Contact us for details!