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Understanding Green Screen or Chromakey
Green screen photos makes any party or event more fun and enjoyable for your guests. The video below shows just how much your guests will enjoy making their own photo keepsakes. Take a look at the video and see what we are talking about.

Button It Up uses green screen, also known as chromakey, to create custom backgrounds to meet the specific requirements of each of its clients. Button It Up also has numerous stock chromakey backgrounds clients may choose from covering many different themes and concepts. This technique is usually referred to as green screen because often a green sheet is used as the backdrop to capture the unfinished photo of the people in a picture. A blue sheet may also be used. Chromakey green or blue is the specific color of green or blue allowing computer software to use the unfinished photo and combine it with the background selected by guests having their photo made. This technique is demonstrated by the before and after samples below.